If an unnamed East-Asian country invaded the US (No, not China! Heaven forfend! Our Chinese *friends* would never…)

by wfgodbold

Ok, with Homefront and the Red Dawn remake big in the news for having airbrushed censored edited out ahem, adjusted their antagonists from the Chinese to the North Koreans (seriously? that’s the best we can do for a villain in this decadent age?) to avoid giving offense, I thought I might as well sound off on the situation (hey, it’s my blog; I can talk about whatever I want!). Blue language after the jump.




I understand that China owns a large chunk of the US debt. I understand that in our globalized economy, film and game studios have to consider non-US markets.

But caving to the Chinese because of fears that your property won’t sell there?

Hell, 90% of the game and movie market in China is controlled by pirates. If most of your market isn’t going to pay to see it, who gives a shit if you offend them? If you’re that worried about it, film or program a half-assed “China wins and the devil Americans die like the dogs they are” scenario to tack on to the Chinese release; don’t make the plot of your entire game/movie ludicrous (It’s even worse in the Japanese release of Homefront; because of content laws, they couldn’t even say the enemy is North Korea, so they just changed it to “A Certain Country to the North.” However, the game is set in the US, so that would make the villain… Canada?).

North Korea’s population is estimated to be ~24 million. If they retook South Korea (pop. 48 million) without A) losing any of their own men AND B) killing any South Koreans, they would have 72 million bodies that could carry weapons.

The United States has ~312 million residents. Those residents own 270 million firearms (more than 1/4 of all firearms in the world).

Their only hope of victory would rest on using an EMP device; while the resulting chaos wreaked across the US would be horrific (just check out One Second After if you don’t believe me), it would leave any invading forces just as crippled (unless we’re supposed to believe that the Norks have hardened their tech (OTOH, they could be just primitive enough for it to be ineffective)).

I might pick up Homefront when it’s cheaper; it’s apparently a decent enough FPS, and I can always pretend I’m fighting back against the Chicoms instead of a madman in a funny suit.

If you’d rather read about what the Red Dawn remake would have been, check out Libertas Film Magazine’s exclusive review (the propaganda posters are chilling).

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