the theme of GROWLANSER

by wfgodbold

Growlanser was a JRPG released on the PlayStation (and rereleased last year on the PSP); it boasted striking character designs and an involved story. Unfortunately, it was never brought over to the US (though the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th games in the series were); probably because of the sprite-based graphics and anime-style character art.

The series is considered to be the spiritual successor to the Langrisser games; instead of focusing on commanding armies, the focus is on Carmaine and his companions as they carry out missions for the country of Rolandia. This gives the game more of a traditional JRPG feel instead of the wider scale tactical battles Langrisser favored. In the course of completing these missions, the overarching story and villain gradually come to light, until our hero™ is battling for the fate of the world.

The vocal version of the main theme plays during each of the two opening movies (one with male vocals, one with female vocals), and occasionally throughout the game; I believe it also plays during the final battle (IIRC; it’s been a while since I last played the game).


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