The sorrowful heroine (悲しみのヒロイン)

by wfgodbold

Comic Party, while best known (and even then not by many) in the US for its two TV adaptations, originally began as a PC visual novel (like most of Aquaplus’s anime-cum-games do).

The game follows the trials and tribulations of Kazuki Sendou, author and artist in the “Brothers Two” self-published doujinshi club his so-called friend Taishi Kuhonbutsu formed. While the player manages Kazuki’s struggle to complete his doujinshi by the deadline for each month’s Comic Party self-published comic book fair (based on Comiket), he must also take care to develop a relationship with one of the many possible heroines (hey, it’s that kind of game).

Inevitably, something tragic will either happen or be revealed, throwing each heroine’s path into doubt; during these poignant scenes (and they are well done, considering), the following melancholy track plays.


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