3DS and NGP news, or Lash me to the mast and call me Odysseus

by wfgodbold

‘Cause the 3DS’s siren song is working.

Engadet’s review makes it sound like the 3DS invented sliced bread whilst walking across water; I have to admit, the augmented reality games sound pretty cool. They confirm that the system is region-locked (though given the current ¥-$ exchange rate, that’s probably for the best, especially for my wallet), though they do point out that the region-locking only affects 3DS games; DS games from any region should still work fine.

The big news on the NGP front is that all of the games will be downloadable, and some might not have a physical release at all. Hopefully the bigger titles will be released on physical media at some point; I thought one of the main drawbacks to the PSP G0 was that there was no way to get UMD-only releases onto the console without hacking.

Now all Sony needs to do is give me a way to get my UMD games into digital format for playing on the NGP, and I’ll be set to upgrade.


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