Clash on the Big Bridge (ビッグブリッヂの死闘)

by wfgodbold

Final Fantasy V was the first game to feature what we’ve come to know as the job system; in previous games, either characters remained the class you chose for them at the beginning, or their class was predetermined.

The SNES release was Japan only; while it was fan-translated and released as a ROM, it wasn’t until the PlayStation release of the Final Fantasy Anthology (and later the GBA release) that FFV was officially available in English.

The game follows the quest of four strangers as they meet and decide to band together to defend the world and the crystals from Exdeath (or Ex-death, or X-death, depending), a villain hell-bent on world domination (aren’t they all?).

Exdeath’s chief henchman/lieutenant is the swordsman Gilgamesh; at one point, Gilgamesh is sent to fight our heroes™ on a bridge, and we are treated to the following rockin’ boss music (made more rockin’ (rockin’er?) by The Black Mages).

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