It seems to me that a better place to reenact the First Barbary War…

by wfgodbold

Would be Somalia instead of Libya; while Qaddafi is a craven, bloodthirsty, violent misanthrope of a dictator, the Somalian pirates are actually killing Americans, disrupting global shipping, and ransoming crews and cargoes (Yes, I know I linked to the causes of the Barbary War; the misdeeds of Somali pirates should still be fresh in the memory of most people).

The Arab League can’t make up its mind whether it’s for us or agin us (they were for the war before they were against the war before they were for the war, as I understand it).

Fortunately, Obama can count on remaining in Qaddafi’s good graces; I don’t know that I would believe the words of a dictator who claims that his people are willing to die for him, man woman and child. I doubt they have much choice in the matter.

Regarding what’s to come once the war is won (or declared won, at any rate); France wants a multinational “steering committee put in charge.

As everyone knows, committees are the best way to get anything done! Why, I think I’ll form a few committees later today, just for kicks. Libya is going to be a mess for years to come, especially if it’s run by committee (and most likely even if it’s not); thanks to our “unique capabilities,” the US is going to be stuck holding the bag in the end, I fear.

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