NRO has been good on gun issues lately

by wfgodbold

I think this makes twice (at least) in the past week that they’ve opined against gun control (the cynic in me suspects it is all a lead up to the 2012 election). This time, the focus of their ire is the proposed Connecticut ban on magazines capable of holding more that ten rounds (so-called “high capacity” magazines).

Standard capacity magazines never killed anyone by themselves (at least I’ve never heard of anyone being bludgeoned to death with a magazine), and artificially decreasing the capacity to some arbitrary number won’t affect the “safety” of the public at all, but is instead about control. When the government wants to control you, beware (especially if it’s for your own good).

Joe Huffman made this video a few days after the Arizona shooting; he demonstrates that reloading takes only a couple of seconds; if someone were using two ten round magazines instead of a single twenty round magazine, they’d have a two second pause in their shooting before continuing.

And since we all know that people intent on breaking the law (wait, you mean gearing up and popping caps in twenty or thirty total strangers isn’t legal?) are meticulous when it comes to following the law, that two second pause is sure to save lives!

I imagine most politicians don’t really care about guns one way or another (aside from a vague sense of uneasiness at the thought that the government doesn’t have a monopoly on force), and are just trying to score political points in the wake of a tragedy by appearing to have “done something” about the problem.


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