In which I reveal my esoteric board-game street cred

by wfgodbold

As anyone who has played Axis and Allies knows, if you want to take territory, you have to do it with ground troops.

You can beat the hell out of Libya as much as you want with plans and cruise missiles and strongly worded letters of condemnation, but if the guys you’re targeting are dug in deep enough, you’re going to have to go in on foot to root them out in the end.

If we’re going to get involved in another war, there’s no point in lobbing in missiles and enforcing a no-fly zone if all it does is prolong the inevitable ground battle; better to go in and smash Qaddafi while he’s at the height of his power and take him out. If we don’t, and he resurfaces afterwards, he can boast that not even the degenerate Americans and their vaunted military might were enough to kill him.

If war is worth waging, it’s worth waging right; if you’re not going to try to win it, just stay home.

There’s a fine line between Kinetic Military Action and Pathetic Military Action.


2 Comments to “In which I reveal my esoteric board-game street cred”

  1. Funny, my wife and I were having the exact same conversation today on the way back from work… Awesome cruise missiles and awe-inspiring air strikes and whizbang ships and whatnot else all make a beautiful display, but when it comes to actually winning any kind of combat operation, you need boots on the ground.

    “Kinetic Military Action” – what you do instead of something.

    • Actually, now that I think about it, my first exposure to the idea that you need ground troops to take territory was in Civilization (the first one) back in ’90 or whenever it came out. You could have all the fighters and bombers you wanted, and you could nuke your enemies until the ground around all their cities was polluted and the planet’s climate was totally ruined, but if you wanted to actually take over their cities, you had to send in the infantry.

      And now that I think of it that way, it’s even more depressing; I knew more about conducting invasions when I was 10 than our elite ivy league educated betters do now.

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