And now a message from the DIY school of gunsmithing

by wfgodbold

GT Distributors was way off; my E2 replacement grips were delivered today (after a missed attempt yesterday).

After much prying and fiddling, I succeeded (mostly) in taking my Sig P226 from this:



to this:



I say I “mostly” succeeded because there are a couple things I’m not sure about; with the new grip on, there are narrow gaps at the top of the grip where it should meet the frame (I think, anyway; they might be there on purpose. None of the pictures I’ve seen of P226s with E2 grips are at the angle to tell). Getting the new hammer strut installed was tricky at first, but I prevailed.

gap between grip and frame visible at top left

gap between grip and frame visible at top rt.

If anyone knows if that’s supposed to be there, please, let me know. I also didn’t replace the decocking lever with the one included in the grip kit; I’m not sure if the new one is thinner or not, but the old one would actually decock the hammer, and the new one wouldn’t, so not installing it seemed like the better option.

As far as the grip itself goes, it feels great. I’ll try it out over the weekend or early next week, but I can tell that it fits my tiny hands better with the E2 grip than with the standard grip.

original grip

E2 grip

Remember to clear your guns before working on them, kids. And always follow the four rules (those pictures above of the gap might look like I’m being an idiot, but the slide isn’t on the gun; it’s just the frame).


4 Comments to “And now a message from the DIY school of gunsmithing”

  1. I had the exact same problem as you with the P226 E2 grips having a gap near the top. What I did was carefully widen the hole inside the grips that go over the screw holes on the frame. I used a knife and carefully carved out just a little bit making the holes wider (on the inside of the grips) and that made my new E2 grips sit flush with the frame. Hope this helps, also the new decocking lever actually works with mine, so I went ahead and replaced it.

  2. i know this is an old post but wanted to know what the little stick is for in the after pic, i just got a sig p226 classic today and i cant for the life of me figure out what its for. thanks for any help you can give.

    • That was the original hammer strut. The E2 grip came with and uses a shorter one, so I had to replace the original when I swapped in the new grip. I think it’s also narrower at the top than the original strut, too, since the grip narrows there.

      If you meant the bigger thing above the gun, that is the lever widget included to pry the E2 grip off. The E2 grip is one piece of molded plastic that you have to spread apart to fit onto the frame, and then it contracts down to the original width to clamp on. The original grip just screwed into the frame, so it was easy to remove. The E2, because it doesn’t screw on, is removed by sticking that widget into the magwell and then twisting it until the wider bit in the center forces the grip away from the frame and you can pry it off.

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