Fly Me to the Moon (Climax Mix)

by wfgodbold

Bayonetta, an action game for the 360 and PS3 from SEGA, was advertised as “∞ Climax Action,” and it’s easy to see why; the eponymous heroine punches, kicks, shoots, and magics her way through hordes of angelic foes on her quest to recover her forgotten past (ah, amnesia; is there anything it can’t do?).

Combat is ridiculous and over the top; Bayonetta’s main weapons are four guns. She wields one in each hand, and has some contraption on her high heels to let her fire the guns strapped to the backs of her ankles.

Yes. Her ankles.

shamelessly stolen from

Fortunately, the action is too fast-paced for you to realize how ridiculous the premise is; unlike Wile. E. Coyote, she never looks down and notices that the ground is gone and only air remains. The Rule of Cool strikes again!

In the prologue and occasionally throughout the game, the soundtrack plays a cover/remix of Frank Sinatra’s classic song, Fly Me to the Moon. The cover is decent enough, but the idea of flipping around blasting angels to classic music is bizarre.


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