The new grips work just fine, but…

by wfgodbold

For some reason the P226’s slide is not locking back on empty magazines now. I’ll take it apart and look at it later, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to figure anything out; I’m kind of an amateur at this.

On the plus side, the E2 grip replacement worked fine. I shot a box of ammo through the .22 upper, and a box through the 9 mm upper without any problems (slide issues excepted). It was nice to see that the range had recently laid down gravel over the dirt road, so mud wasn’t a problem.

Aside from the cold and the wind and my decided lack of high-speed/low-dragness, it was a great way to turn $25 into noise.

Any suggestions as to what’s causing the slide-lockback issues, and how best to fix it, are welcome.

UPDATE: Thanks to the fine folks at arfcom, I think the problem is that my thumb was riding the slide stop; when I racked the slide on an empty magazine (and made sure my thumb wasn’t on the stop), it locked back just fine.

UPDATE II – The Revengening: I got the grip flush with the frame; all I had to do was smack it a couple times on either side with a rubber mallet, and it snapped right into place. Violence really is the answer!


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