What does a lame public service announcement need? Transforming mecha, of course!

by wfgodbold

To fill the empty airtime when advertisers pulled their ads after the recent quake and tsunami, Ad Council Japan increased the number of PSA style ads they aired, including the one below on the importance of greetings. It’s a bit toothache-inducing, but bear with me.

Each of the greetings/polite phrases used in the commercial has an associated animal that the children befriend. A translation follows:

Hello dog: konnichi wa -> konnichi wan (wan is how dogs bark in Japanese)

Thank you rabbit: arigatou -> arigato usagi

Good evening alligator: konban wa -> konban wani

Goodbye lion: sayonara -> sayona raion

With the magic words, fun friends will …

Good morning eel: ohayou -> ohayo unagi

Let’s eat (more literally, “we gratefully receieve”) mouse: itadakimasu -> itadaki mausu

The more polite you are, the more friends you make!

Fear not; there is a method to my madness, friends.

One creative guy remade these videos, taking them from annoying to completely awesome.

First, he created Great Thank You Rabbit:

And then he followed up with Great Thank You Rabbit’s reliable comrade, King Goodbye Lion!

Given all the other animals in the ads, he could keep this going for some time. My only complaint is that the music isn’t quite hot-blooded enough for super robots.


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