Still Alive

by wfgodbold


Forget Half-Life 2, this was the real gem in Valve’s Orange Box bundle. You performed tasks for an insane megalomaniacal computer using only your portal gun; while it looked like a first-person shooter, the game was really more of a first-person puzzler.


Opening pairs of portals to defeat enemies, move obstacles, and manipulate the environment was deceptively simple; as you progressed, though, the difficulty ramped up, until you had to get pretty creative with your portal placement in order to survive (let alone win).

And when you finally finish the game, GLaDOS serenades you as the credits roll:

2 Comments to “Still Alive”

  1. Ah, GlaDOS… bloody thing gave me nightmares for weeks on deployment, especially given how certain portions of the ship took on disturbing similarities with the training arena you were being sent through.

    Still, when it comes to delightfully psychotic computers, I dare say people will be having a hard time one-upping that one.

    • Hopefully they’ll figure out how to top GlaDOS for Portal 2; it just wouldn’t be Portal without an insane computer to keep you company.

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