Sure, it’s predictable summer movie fare

by wfgodbold

But Source Code doesn’t really pretend to be anything else; filled with pseudo science and buzzwords to make it sound like what’s happening is plausible (though not reaching the Star Trek level of ridiculous techno-babble), the real story is Captain Colter Stevens’ quest to find out who bombed a train earlier that morning, and whether he can bend time and play merry havoc with causality in order to change the present.

The movie draws heavily from Groundhog Day (Stevens repeats the last eight minutes of the man whose life he’s thrust into over and over) and Deja Vu (Stevens is sent to the past with experimental technology in order to solve a mystery in the present), with a smattering of Speed (There’s a bomb on a bus train, and it’s going to explode!) mixed in. Aside from one small detail that I won’t talk about here (cause of SPOILERS), I thought the movie was entertaining (while that detail was annoying, it wasn’t so bad as to ruin the movie).

While I doubt that Source Code will be the best movie of the summer (and for that matter, probably not even April; Hanna comes out next week, and looks to be delightfully ultraviolent), it’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour and half, without the sheer confusingness that accompanied Sucker Punch.


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