The fact that I care about a judicial election in Wisconsin, of all places

by wfgodbold

Probably means that I have some kind of problem regarding politics.

Fortunately, I spent most of the evening failing to kill a pair of virtual dragons instead of reading news sites or watching TV, so I’ve managed to preserve my sanity for another day.

I do find it ironic, though, that Kloppenburg’s motto is “Elections Have Consequences.”

Except, I guess, when that election goes the way you don’t like; after all, the consequences of the election last year brought Walker and the GOP majority into power and brought this whole mess to a head.

If Prosser defeats the liberal challenger, will she and her supporters just shrug and say “Election have consequences,” and go home? I doubt it. I expect this will drag on with recount after recount, if it’s contested in court, this election could be in the news for months to come.

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