Decisive Battle

by wfgodbold

Just because I haven’t finished Valkyria Chronicles 2 doesn’t mean that I can’t listen to the music! The sequel builds on the quality strategy franchise the first game established, with changes made to accomodate the portable console; maps are smaller, and the graphics aren’t quite as nice.

SEGA also added in the ability to specialize your troops; instead of just the four classes in the original (scouts, shock troops, lancers, and engineers), you can customize your soldiers to better fit your command style.

Two years after the events in Valkyria Chronicles, the Principality of Gallia is still reeling from the war with the Empire. A rebel army has begun purging the small country of anyone with Darcsen blood, and it eventually falls to the main character and his classmates at the Royal Gallian Military Academy to defend the country against the new threat.

Sakimoto continues to compose suitably martial tracks for the series; while he might not be a great fit for Final Fantasy, he definitely has a gift for military-style music.


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