Super Metroid Medley (Theme of Samus Aran, Crateria, Brinstar Green Vegetation, Brinstar Red Soil, Ending Theme)

by wfgodbold

Super Metroid.

While the original Metroid for the NES pioneered much of the gameplay the series became famous for, it’s the Super Nintendo game that perfected it.

The most recent games (on the Gamecube and Wii) have moved the series into 3D from its side-scrolling roots, but the basic gameplay is still the same: Samus explores the world she’s on, and as she finds new equipment, newer areas (and previously inaccessible sections of older areas) open up.

While this style was later co-opted by the Castlevania series (starting with Symphony of the Night), it’s Metroid that pioneered it.

The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed a series of concerts in the ’90s focusing on video game music, and the following medley is one of the selections they played.


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