Luther (no, not Lex) (not Martin, either)

by wfgodbold

John Luther is out for blood!

No, wait. He’s just a cop, trying to find murderers and kidnappers and other misanthropes; true to TV cop tropes (SPOILERS), he’s more than willing to bend a few laws until they break in order to do what he sees as right.

I watched all six season one episodes on Netflix streaming, and they were good. Dark, but good. Very dark, actually. London is not a nice place, and Londoners are not nice people.

Fresh off a suspension, Luther jumps back into the job and a murder investigation straight away; thanks to his obsession with work, his marriage is falling apart. The first four episodes are stand-alone stories, but the last two are connected, and the sixth episode ends on a cliffhanger.

I’ve whiled away more time on worse shows, so I don’t feel bad about recommending Luther at all. If you like crime shows, you should like the messes John Luther gets involved in.


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