Withered Earth (枯れた大地)

by wfgodbold

Suikoden II. I never played it; for that matter, I never played the first one beyond the first hour or so.

That said, the series has done pretty well for itself, with five main games and several other spinoffs; not bad for a property that was loosely inspired by Water Margin/Outlaws of the Marsh.

One thing the Suikoden games are known for is their large cast of characters; there are 108 recruitable characters, and I think you can only get the best ending if you recruit them all.

For some reason, though, the game doesn’t have Chinese or Japanese themed music, but instead Celtic. While the music is good, it’s not good enough to make me want to play the game; Konami should have focused more on making an interesting game than ripping off one of the classics of Chinese literature.


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