Incarnation of Devil

by wfgodbold

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (originally for 360), the latest game in the series, is actually a prequel; it follows humanity in the aftermath of WWIII on their quest to find a new planet to call home. In the other games, humans have already established their foothold in space.

When Namco made more changes to Tales of Phantasia than the creators liked, they stuck it out and finished making the game. They didn’t hang around for long after that, though; most of them quit and formed their own company, tri-Ace, and immediately made Star Ocean (which is pretty much a Tales of game with fantasy trappings exchanged for science-fiction trappings).

Star Ocean: The Last Hope continues the grand tradition, with the characters embarking on an alien plant in the hope that it will be suitable for colonization; the wildlife, though, has some kind of bio-electric shielding capability that renders the humans’ modern weapons useless. While the series is ostensibly science fiction, it’s more science fantasy; instead of their (now useless) high-tech weapons, characters use swords and bows, and some have psionic abilities that follow Clarke’s third law.

I haven’t finished it yet; I got stuck on a boss and decided to play something else after one too many game over screens. That doesn’t mean I can’t choose another work by Motoi Sakuraba as today’s selection, so enjoy!


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