Looks like Lucky Gunner has finalized their plans

by wfgodbold

For their Memorial Day Weekend Blogger Shoot (I wonder how they’re going to decide which bloggers to shoot? Drawing lots?). The email notification went out over the weekend to pre-registrants.

I’d hoped to be able to go, but alas, my inconsiderate brother and his girlfriend went to Vegas and eloped at the end of March; they’re having a reception over Memorial Day Weekend, so no free ammo to shoot through full auto guns for me.

I look forward to photos and write-ups after the event!


3 Responses to “Looks like Lucky Gunner has finalized their plans”

  1. Nuts. I was hoping you would make it down. Ah, well, there is always the 2015 NRA conference :).

    • Knowing my luck, some other family deal will come up and stymie those plans, too. 😀

      At least I got more warning for the reception than the wedding; if I’d only found out about the reception 20 minutes beforehand, I’d have to explain why it sounded like I was in a war zone.

      Free ammo would have been nice, though. 😦


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