Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval: Judge Peter Beaumont

by wfgodbold

At the sentencing for a couple of teens convicted for the murder of a teen girl, Judge Peter Beaumont had this to say:

Gun violence with loaded weapons that imperils innocent people on the streets of London has to be stopped.

But I thought guns were practically banned in the UK! Especially pistols (only muzzle-loaders are legal) and fully automatic firearms! Those kids must have used some over-under bird guns or rimfire lever action rifles, right?


The arsenal includes two loaded sub-machine guns, automatic pistols and a shotgun, along with ammunition.

Now, the two kids that did this are obviously depraved; I’m sure Agnes Sina-Inakoju was a wonderful girl, and that her family misses her horribly. I’d rather the two criminals be sentenced to death, or at the very least life without parole (32 year-minimum prison terms for murder seems a bit lenient).

Firearms and firearm ownership have been demonized in the UK for decades; all firearms and firearm owners are required to be licensed. Because of the hoop-jumping and limited “legitimate” reasons for owning firearms (Since 1946, self-defence has not been considered a valid reason to own a firearm.), ownership is far less common in the UK than in the USA.

I don’t know if that completely explains the out of control PSH on the part of the judge and the Mirror, though; their abject horror at the mere thought of loaded guns would be hilarious if the situation weren’t so serious.

I do wonder, though, if the Mirror would be okay with the so-called arsenal if it did not include ammunition; or if the judge would be fine with gun violence on the streets of London as long as the guns were unloaded (gangs with bayonet charges?).

Since guns are banned, though, I suppose the good people of the UK are just going to have to admit that the problem has some other root cause.

Like, say, …

Violent video games!


Remember, kids: you’re never responsible for your actions; something else can always be blamed!

Also, a gun without ammunition is just an oddly-shaped club.


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