Eidolon (召喚獣)

by wfgodbold

Bahamut. Odin. Shiva. Alexander. Brynhildr. Hecatonceir.

Summoned monsters (eidolons) are not new to Final Fantasy, but their implementation in Final Fantasy XIII is radically different from previous games.

Each party character is linked with a specific eidolon, and when that character’s will to complete the task for which they were chosen wavers, the eidolon appears to … convince them that they should persevere.

By casting doom on them and starting a battle, of course. Words are so limited; the best way for people (and eidolons, I suppose) to understand each other is by fighting!

拳で語り合おう! (Let’s discuss this via our fists!)

During these boss fights, the character who is in crisis has to fill their gestalt gauge before the doom counter ticks to zero (when that happens, they die and it’s game over, man); if they succeed, the eidolon transforms into gestalt mode and becomes a vehicle of some kind for that character (the Shiva sisters join to form a motorcycle, Odin transforms into a horse). Should they choose to summon their eidolon in battle later, they will be able to attack, filling the gestalt gauge again, and then transform their eidolon into gestalt mode to unleash more powerful attacks on the party’s enemies.

While your characters struggle with their despair and try to bend the eidolon to their will, the track below plays:


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