The Furnace of Battle (戦いの火蓋)

by wfgodbold

Mistwalker’s second game for the Xb0x 360, Lost Odyssey, wasn’t as well received as their first, but it still managed to sell more than half a million copies between the US and Japan.

The game follows Kain, an amnesiac immortal, after he is picked up as one of two survivors of a cataclysmic battle. The other survivor (also an immortal amnesiac; there are several in the game) eventually agrees to work with Kain as the two of them are sent on a mission by the government of one of the two nations involved in the battle.

While Lost Odyssey features several immortal characters, mortal party members join up occasionally, as well; unlike the immortals, mortals can learn new abilities. Immortals can only learn abilities that have been linked to them through a mortal party member.

At various points in the game, Kain recovers snippets of his memory; these are relayed as short story segments, and can be viewed again at any time. Eventually the cause of the immortals amnesia is discovered, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

Would it be a JRPG if the fate of the world didn’t hang in the balance?

Mistwalker had Nobuo Uematsu score Lost Odyssey, and the Furnace of Battle is one of his better battle themes:

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