The Opened Way ~Battle with the Colossus~ (開かれる道~巨像との戦い~)

by wfgodbold

After releasing the critically acclaimed (but less well-selling than they’d’ve liked) Ico, SCEI’s Team Ico developed and released Shadow of the Colossus, another action/adventure game (PS3 remastered edition due at the end of the year).

Instead of having to lead around an idiotic sidekick, the protagonist, a young man named Wander, is merely trying to bring a girl back to life; to do so, he has to defeat each of sixteen colossi.

And they are colossal; the game’s only enemies are gigantic, towering over Wander. To deal significant damage, he must find their weak spot (indicated by a glowing glyph), and attack it; since each colossus is different, their weak spots also differ, and Wander must attack each of them in a different way.

Maybe one day I’ll post a sample of battle music that sucks, but it’s not today:


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