They don’t call ’em victim disarmament zones fer nothin’!

by wfgodbold

Think you’re safe once you’ve gone through the checkpoint at the airport?

Think again (H/T Uncle).

I’m not going to say that we should let people carry guns on planes or in airports (though I don’t see why that should be a problem; like Archie Bunker said, just had everyone a gun when they get on, and collect ’em when they get off, and no one is going to try any funny stuff. They’ll get plugged by all the sane people on board); actually, I guess I am going to say that.

IIf you forcibly disarm someone of even the most basic tools of self-defense (like the TSA does), that puts the onus for their safety on the disarmer. When all you have are fists, teeth, and nails, then the situation has been reduced to one in which the more physically powerful person has the advantage.

The most damning quote regarding the incident comes via MSNBC:

Denver police believe employees who witnessed an alleged sexual assault at Denver International Airport responded by calling for help, countering claims by the family of a woman who said she saw people walk by without helping.

So, they called for help? They didn’t, you know, actually help?

That hardly counters the claims that people didn’t help, does it?

The TSA doesn’t make you safe, and after this incident, I don’t think you can even credibly say that they make you feel safe, either.


2 Comments to “They don’t call ’em victim disarmament zones fer nothin’!”

  1. There is, after all, a very good reason why a very convincing argument can be made that “the gun is civilization”.

    Inside of the TSA checkpoint, the rule of the land is the rule of strength – the larger, stronger, faster, more-capable individual will get what he wants… until the men with guns appear. And I can guarantee you those men will be accoladed as heroes and rescuers… so why not have people like that a little closer to the scene, perhaps even in it, hm?

    • Even if we were able to ratchet the ever-lengthening arm of the feds to cut back on the security theater nonsense, I’m sure it would just go back the other way as soon as something happened.

      As long as there are people out there who refuse to take responsibility for their own well-being, someone will clamor for the government to be strong enough to protect them.

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