by wfgodbold

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions updated the inaugural Final Fantasy Tactics game for the PSP; it was the first game set in the land of Ivalice (which has reappeared in every FFT game, as well as in Final Fantasy XII), and Square’s first attempt at a strategy game (I think).

I didn’t play the game on the PSX when it was first released; though I’m told the translation/localization flat out atrocious.

So bad, in fact, that it was good. Some fans of the original even complained when the PSP release fixed the terrible translation and changed the dialogue to have a more medieval flair.

I played it for a while, and then quit when I was seven or eight hours in and got stuck on a battle I couldn’t win. Unfortunately for me, I spent all of my black mage’s AP learning Flare, only to discover at the next battle that he didn’t have enough max MP to even cast the spell one time. Fool that I am, I didn’t have a backup save, and was stuck at one of the plot points that you couldn’t backtrack from to level.

That doesn’t mean that the battle music wasn’t any good, though!


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