Everyone should think with Portals

by wfgodbold

Well, it took a couple of late nights, but I’ve played through the single-player portion of Portal 2. Spoilers follow the jump, so beware!

It’s a great sequel; GLaDOS returns, and her sarcasm and biting insults are just as great as they were in the original. The puzzles are good; if you’ve played the first, you’ll be a little better equipped than someone who hasn’t, but they’re still not incredibly easy.

There’s always a way to use the portal gun to progress through the game; if what you’re trying isn’t working, then you’re not trying the right thing. The addition of Aerial Faith Plates, Repulsion Gel, Propulsion Gel, Thermal Discouragement Beams, Redirection Cubes, and (unhinted at in previews) Conversion Gel make for some hair-pulling frustration; but when you figure out the right way to solve the puzzle at last, it’s all worth it.

I’m not sure how long it actually took me to play through the game; there are around 50 or so stages (I think; it’s a rough guess), and some of them took longer than others to wrap my brain around.

I played through the single player game with the PS3 edition of the game; unfortunately, I haven’t been able to resynch my account with Steam, because of unexplained PSN downtime.

Fortunately, I was able to link the game with my Steam account the other day (before the downtime), and used the code included to install Portal 2 on my PC. I’ve played a few of the co-op levels online (it’s just a lot easier to use a headset and communicate when using the PC as opposed to the PS3), and they’re just as devious as the single-player stages. Some of them are even worse, actually; GLaDOS is more evil when she can count on your having four portals to play with instead of just two.

Bottom line: if you liked Portal, you’ll love Portal 2; if you haven’t played Portal, you really should (it’s only ~2.5-3 hours long (though that was a replay; if you’re going through for the first time and learning how to think with Portals, it might take a little bit longer)), and then once you’ve played the original, you’ll love Portal 2.

And yes, a new Jonathan Coulton song plays during the end credits. It’s no Still Alive, but it’s still pretty good.

3 Responses to “Everyone should think with Portals”

  1. *sigh* Would that video games depreciated as fast as automobiles…

    • Don’t worry; in a few months, inflation will make it cheaper.

      I may look into Gamefly; it’s like Netflix, but for games. I think they recently won a court case about the preferential treatment Netflix was getting from the USPS (regarding postage and damaged discs or something).


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