Heroic Assault

by wfgodbold

Gears of War 2, the follow up to the original hit, Gears of War (shocking, I know), follows the continuing adventures of convict-cum-space marine Marcus Fenix.

Aliens have attacked from underground, or something, and the space marines in their giant, hulking suits of armor are mankind’s only defense!

And the best defense, as they say, is a machine gun with a chainsaw strapped to it.

Anyway, the plot doesn’t really matter; there are hordes of aliens to kill, mounds of cover to hide behind while you kill said aliens, and the doomed reunion of Marcus’s friend Dom with his captured wife.

The action is good, the multiplayer is good, and while the game is pretty short (I think around 8 or 10 hours), they make up for it by ending abruptly instead of resolving the plot.

No, wait, that doesn’t make up for it at all.

Anyway, the game is good, the music is good (and if it sounds like Pirates of the Caribbean, that’s because the GoW composer works for the PotC composer), and Bender does a good job with some hilariously bad dialogue.


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