Earth Day? More like Earth Dei, am I right?

by wfgodbold

Yes, I know it’s not real Latin.

I wasn’t originally going to post regarding this most auspicious of days, but then I saw that some people are publicly abasing themselves and begging for forgiveness for their wastefulness.


It’s your money; spend it how you want; if you want to drive a Ford Earthfucker™, then by all means, drive one. You want to throw your aluminum cans in the trash instead of recycling, do it. They’re your cans.

If you want to recycle everything, that’s fine too. It’s your stuff, do with it what you will.

I’ll recycle, or not, as I choose.

Environmentalism has become something of a behavioral shibboleth; it’s something that all right-thinking people do, and it gives the environmentalist an easy way to feel superior to those who disagree. That this CNN anchor felt it necessary to apologize (to people who couldn’t care less) for how he spends his money is ridiculous.

It’s none of my business if he drives a Volt, a Prius, or an H3. I don’t care if he recycles everything, or just sets all of his trash on fire out in the backyard.

Just don’t feel like you have to throw yourself on the mercy of the mob because of your decisions.

Gaia doesn’t care about you.


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