Boss Battle (Crisis, Opportunity)

by wfgodbold

Skies of Arcadia was an excellent JRPG that was released just over a year after the Dreamcast’s launch in the US (it was later updated and rereleased for the Gamecube).

It’s really too bad the system was SEGA’s death knell; it was a good system, and had some good games, but they didn’t capitalize on it. They also stupidly made the system ridiculously easy to run pirated games on; you didn’t need a mod chip, but a boot disc burned at home would let you run pirated games.

The game follows the adventures of Vyse and Aika, two sky pirates (with flying sailing ships and everything!) out to avenge their family and help the mysterious Fina (If you played Valkyria Chronicles, you might recognize Vyse as one of the shock troopers, Aika as one of the scouts, and Fina as the medic); along the way, Vyse becomes a true sky pirate captain, with his own ship and crew. You can recruit various people from all over the world to work on your ship, and your choice of crewmembers affects the stats of your ship in the ship-to-ship battles.

As your party battled against various bosses, the music would change; if your characters were near death, the music would grow more tense; if you were near victory, the music would grow triumphant.

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