We had a good run, but Thoughtcrime and Pre-crime are here. And by here, I mean Dearborn, MI

by wfgodbold

Terry Jones (of Koran-burning infamy) has been jailed in Dearborn.

Not because of what he has said or done, but because of what other people might do in reaction to what he might say or do. He refused to pay the court-mandated $1 peace bond, and was then thrown in prison.

I don’t blame him; while some people might say that he’s inciting those poor Muslims to riot by protesting in front of their mosque, I don’t agree. He’s not telling them to riot (or he wouldn’t be, if he hadn’t been jailed by the Dearborn PD (pre-crime division); the riot-inciters are the ones telling the Muslims that they have to resort to violence when someone publicly disagrees with them.

Part of the reason Jones does the hare-brained stunts he does is for the publicity (okay, maybe the whole reason). But when Muslims (and the government) react like this, all they do is prove his point about Islam.

You might disagree with his opinion, or even think he’s crazy; if he is , he’s crazy like a fox.

Jones is Br’er Rabbit, and the Dearborn jail is his briar patch. He’s manipulated the government and the Muslims of Dearborn into proving his point, and when the civil rights lawsuit (for getting jailed for trying to exercise his first amendment rights) is decided in his favor, he’s going to be laughing all the way to the bank.

I’ll update this later to add links; I’m on my phone, and it’s olde and slow. If I had the new hotness, I might be able to multitask and add links easier. As it is, you’ll just have to avail yourself of google until I get to a real computer.

Update: Links added. I’ll also say that I never thought I’d be on the side of a guy banning books, but free speech makes for odd allies, I suppose.


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