That’s a nice family you’ve got there. Be a shame if CPS were called on you for holding opinions deemed unacceptable.

by wfgodbold

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence will bring the full force of the state against you if you do something they disapprove of!

Want to make your kid eat his food?

Too bad! The CSGV will freak out, lie about you to their supporters, and threaten to call Child Protective Services!

I was furious when I first read about Tango’s story the other day, and I thought I would calm down over the weekend, but I guess not. The idea that people who advocate for the banning of all guns would be so offended that they would back their threats with the threat of government violence is appalling.

They would claim, of course, that they aren’t advocating the use of government force. But force is the root of the government’s power. In the end, if you don’t do what the government has decreed that you must (whether it’s pay your taxes, or not do drugs, or have the wrong cosmetic features on your gun), they will send people with guns to your door to take you to prison.

The threat of force is inherent in government; without this threat, the government would be incapable of functioning.

And the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is willing to use that force against a man whose “crimes” are owning guns (Quelle horreur!) and trying to get his son to eat his dinner.


4 Responses to “That’s a nice family you’ve got there. Be a shame if CPS were called on you for holding opinions deemed unacceptable.”

  1. Sadly, while the comparison to the mob is amusingly poignant, it also falls rather short – the mob was better organized, more capable, and had a better business plan.


    More seriously, this is a situation that people should be getting riled up about, and it should haunt the CSGV for the rest of its natural days (which, hopefully, will not be that numerous) – threatening people’s families over a difference of opinion is unacceptable behavior, period, no matter your political or sociological stance.

    • Good point; instead of the mob, it would be more accurate to say that CSGV is a mob, I suppose (as an aside, whenever I think of the mob, the first thing to spring to mind is this Monty Python sketch).

      The longer we keep their underhanded shenanigans on the front page of Google, the more likely people will stay riled up about it.

      On the other hand, it’s not like anyone actually cares about CSGV; aren’t they chronically short on funds?


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