Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – Caleb

by wfgodbold

In the comments over at Robb’s (with info on the Top Shot season 4 casting call!):

Top Shot is the first firearms related show that doesn’t rely on hardcore gun nuts to provide its primary viewing audience, and that’s not just a good thing, it’s a GREAT thing. When shooting guns is culturally equivalent to eating bugs on a deserted island, we’re winning so hard it’s a wonder the brady campaign even tries at all. [emphasis added]

I can remember when that would have been a point in the Brady Bunch’s favor, but reality TV has changed much!

He’s right, though; Top Shot is pushing shooting further into the mainstream, and that’s got to give the anti-gunners night terrors. All those people, surrounded by guns, having fun, and no one gets killed!

I watched the first season and haven’t tuned in for the second; the shooting was pretty cool, but the reality TV aspects annoyed me. That’s obviously not the case for most people; and good on the History Channel, I say!

May Top Shot continue to get excellent ratings, and long may the gun banners cry into their cheerios!


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