by wfgodbold

The soul still burns! And as long as the games sell as well as Soul Calibur IV did, it will keep on burning for a long time yet.

If fighting games are your thing, this series needs no introduction; even if they’re not, you’ve probably at least button-mashed your way through a few battles in the ten years since Soul Calibur first debuted on the Dreamcast.

The series is the saga of an evil sword (the Soul Edge) and its good counterpart (the Soul Calibur); various characters search for the sword, or fragments of the sword, for all of the typical reasons: revenge, power, greed, amnesia, and to seal it away for the good of the world.

Unlike Street Fighter, Tekken, and Dead or Alive, the characters in the Soul Calibur franchise all use different weapons. Swords, staves, nunchaku, axes, chain whips. It makes for a different style of play than the brawling fighters have, and I enjoy it. Even if the last game or two have really cheapened up the gameplay.


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