Song of Mana

by wfgodbold

Legend of Mana, one of the games released as part of Square’s “Summer of Adventure” in 2000 (along with Vagrant Story and Chrono Cross, I believe), continued the Mana series (whose first installment was released on the original Game Boy as Final Fantasy: Adventure).

I never played it; what I did play of the various Mana games led me to believe that I wouldn’t enjoy it. That meant, unfortunately, that I never got to hear the Song of Mana (the game’s ending theme); at least, not until the Square Vocal Collections album was released.

Sure, it’s in Swedish (and yet there’s not a “Bork, bork, hurty-flurty schnipp-schnipp” to be heard!), but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. It’s sung by Annika, a one-time member of the group Rednex (best known for Cotton Eye Joe).

Look, I don’t make this stuff up; it’s too ridiculous to be fiction!


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