The wolves want to talk; I imagine after talking, they’ll want to vote on what to have for dinner.

by wfgodbold

Another Gun Blog reports on the protest at the NRA national convention:

“We wanna talk!, we wanna talk!” 
That was the chant of this years anti gun protestors.  I’m impressed.  Compared to the pathetic little protest from last year the anti-gunners had great turnout, though it didn’t last very long. It’s disgustingly hypocritical to hear anti-gunners say “we wanna talk.”  Anti’s simply do not want to “talk” with us, they want to talk / yell to us and demand we concede our rights away.

I’m reminded once again of the cake analogy.

My main issue with the disingenuous nature of the anti-gunners’ demands is this: they want to talk, and want compromise, but they’re arguing in favor of talk and compromise that results in infringement upon fundamental civil rights.

For example; if we had anti-speech advocates chanting “We wanna talk!” and begging for compromise on the issue of free speech, would we meet with them to discuss compromise? Any compromise with someone who wants to infringe on your rights will only work in their favor.

Would compromise be lauded if we were to meet pro-slavery advocates halfway, and only ban slavery on the weekends? Or in certain areas?

Neither should it be lauded when it is sought by anti-gunners. Their compromises will only move them ever closer towards their eventual goal: a total ban on civilian ownership of firearms.

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