Invitation to Wisdom (叡智への誘い)

by wfgodbold

To celebrate the arrival of the package from my English-teaching friends in Japan, I thought I would choose today’s track from one of the games included: Trails of Zero (Zero no Kiseki). It’s set three years after the events of Trails in the Sky.

Other than that, I don’t know much about it. I’m still working on the Trails in the Sky trilogy myself, but hopefully I’ll finish it up before too long and can get through Trails of Zero before Trails of Blue comes out at the end of September.

I don’t know how they churn out such consistently good music, but whatever Falcom uses to motive their JDK Sound Team works like magic.


7 Responses to “Invitation to Wisdom (叡智への誘い)”

  1. I was on wordpress home page, looking for people who likes my favourite games, when accidentally I saw this post…
    I’m a huge fan of Falcom musics, specially from Eiyuu Densetsu’s games also it is one of my favourite jrpg saga, I really enjoyed Zero and Ao no Kiseki arc, though I had to use a lot my denshi jisho, there are a lot of -no spoken- dialogues, hopefully when I’ll have an PSVita I’ll buy Zero no Kiseki Evolution that will have full voiced dialogues , btw since I see other interesting posts I think I’m going to follow your blog, I hope it isn’t an issue.
    Also, forgive my english mistakes :\

    • Denshi jisho are incredibly useful. Until the lcd screen in mine broke, I used it all the time.
      The Vita upgrade of Zero no Kiseki looks pretty impressive, and the addition of full voice will definitely make playing it easier on non-native speakers of Japanese.

      I’ve got some more gaming-related content on the way; once the Vita comes out here, I’ll give Tales of Innocence R a spin (and maybe even a US launch game or two) and post my impressions. The Vita’s screenshot feature is going to be great for blogs, I think.

  2. Yes, Denshi Jisho are useful and worth the price.
    PSV looks a great console. I’ll wait your impressions about ToI R.
    The project about ToI, Tales of the Tempest and Tales of Hearts remakes looks interesting (ToH is my favourite, I wish they’ll keep a 2D battle system)
    What do you think about Inevitable Struggle theme from Zero no Kiseki?

    • Tales of Hearts was pretty good, especially since it was 2d. Going 3d for Innocence and Tempest was a mistake, I think.

      Inevitable Struggle is good, but my favorite ZnK track is Get Over the Barrier! -Roaring Version-.

  3. I used Inevitable Struggle for my blog’s name.
    I agree that track is a lovely boss battle theme, I never fall in love so much -to almost lose a battle- at first “listen” since Nefertiti from Mana Khemia.
    I suggest you to listen the sixth battle theme from Ao no Kiseki. at least it is the way that an uploader called that track.


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