Pop quiz, hotshot.

by wfgodbold

You are storming a known terrorist’s compound. When you light the place up with flash bangs and kick in the door, do you:

1) Charge in, guns blazing, and shoot everyone who looks like a terrorist, or

B) Wait a few seconds, let the terrorists get their bearings and arms themselves, and then charge in and shoot them (only after first taking fire yourself, of course), or

参) Charge in, stand around with guns on the terrorists until they make a move towards a gun, and then shoot them, or

Ω) Pause the game, get some more Mountain Dew, and then curse at the ten-year-old on Xbox Live who just killed you while you were AFK?

If you answered anything but 1, then you’re probably an idiot.

Or, you know, a member of the media:

For your next pop quiz

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