A week ago, Walmart announced it would once again sell long guns in many stores that had ceased carrying them

by wfgodbold

While it made waves in the media, this wasn’t big news to me; I doubt the stores nearby ever stopped selling them.

If you buy a gun at Walmart (assuming your Walmart sells them; I think even with the resumptions in sales, only ~50% of stores carry firearms), you have to undergo a NICS background check, just like if you buy a gun at any other gun dealer.

That’s not enough for the Mayors Against Illegal Guns (H/T Sebastian); their co-founder rips off the “illegal” guns facade and reveals that their true goal is the same as every other gun control groups’: an eventual total ban on civilian firearm ownership.

Else why would they claim that a store who abides by the criteria they tout as “responsible” is only interested in putting guns on the street?

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