Quote of the Indeterminate Time Interval – Bob Owens

by wfgodbold

Saith he:

The U.S. government has effectively allowed weaponry to reach cartels, and now uses the violence they helped cause as a gun control argument.

I’ve blogged about Project Gunrunner before; while Holder may have been in the hotseat before Congress, trying to disavow all knowledge of the scheme, I don’t think that’s going to fly.

If he had knowledge of Project Gunrunner, then he just lied about it to Congress, and ought to be fired.

If he didn’t have knowledge of Gunrunner, then he’s incompetent, and ought to be fired.

Read the whole thing; Owens points out the falseness of the Mexican Gun Canard, and highlights the absurdity of using a problem caused by our government to call for more governmental control and regulation.

Actually, I’m afraid that’s just business as usual.


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