The Mighty Thor!

by wfgodbold

That was a hell of a movie.

I didn’t watch it in 3D (and a good thing, too; parts of the film are dark, and if it’d been 3D, I doubt I’d’ve been able to see much (on account of the polarized glasses)), though if it had been in IMAX 3D at the sole local IMAX theater, I might’ve.

The movie begins in medias res (Why yes, I will take any excuse I can find to get people sucked into the time sink that is TV Tropes), and then backs up for a brief rundown on what brought us to the opening.

And then the fun begins; Thor, banished to Earth, and powerless. They play the culture shock for easy laughs (made no less funny by their obviousness). Our favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent shows up, and hijinks ensue.

The effects are great; the actors do a good job (for the most part; Thor’s sidekicks have more problems with bad dialogue than bad acting, I think); Kenneth Branagh’s vision of Asgard is breathtaking; and Anthony Hopkins delivers a commanding performance as Odin.

I’m sure it will do fine at the box office, and is sure to whet the fan appetite for The Avengers (directed by someone you might be familiar with).

Between Thor, Captain America, and the X-Men prequel, it’s shaping up to be a stellar summer at the movies for Marvel.

I suppose I should point out that Thor is not highbrow entertainment. It doesn’t try to be, and succeeds admirably! It’s a summer popcorn flick, rife with action and fights and Natalie Portman Stan Lee cameos.

That said, even though the plot is fairly rote (you know that Thor is going to win; it’s a comic book movie, he’s the title character, and he’s going to show up in the Avengers movie, FFS), you’re never entirely clear on how it’s going to shake out. It’s no Iron Man (but then, what else is?), but it’s far better than, say, Hulk. Or The Incredible Hulk. Or either Fantastic Four movie. I’d put it on the order of Iron Man 2, I guess. Not as good as Iron Man, but better than most comic book movies.

No, I didn’t add all those comparisons just to flood my review with Amazon affiliate links. Why do you ask?

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