Cheney is fine with not releasing the photos?

by wfgodbold

He sounds pretty ambivalent, but points out that the Bush administration released photos of Saddam’s sons.

If I were inclined to snark (who, me?), I would point out that DEVGRU learned their face-shooting skills at the knee of their dark lord and master, Dick Cheney.

If you click through to the third image, you can see the guy Cheney shot.

That photo was released; why not OBL’s?

Sure, it’s going to be more gruesome; he took one just above the eye, and it was a lot larger in caliber than bird shot.

Sure, the Islamists will riot; but like I said before, that’s nothing new, and certainly nothing they weren’t going to do anyway.

As an aside, I feel I should point out that if you ever needed proof that bird shot would be insufficient for defense, the Cheney hunting incident ought to suffice. Sure, he’s had health problems since then (including heart problems), but that’s nowhere near timely enough for self-defense.

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