Fate/zero looks extremely well done

by wfgodbold

The anime’s official site has been updated with a promotion video (H/T ANN).

Looks like Type-Moon thought ufotable did a good job with Kara no Kyoukai, so they’re turning them loose on the prequel TV series to fan-favorite Fate/stay night.

Set ten years before the original series, it tells the tale of Kiritsugu Emiya, his summoned servant Saber, and the Fourth Holy Grail War. While a few of the characters from the Fifth Grail War will make brief appearances (aside from a few key characters), for the most part the cast will be entirely new.

Kiritsugu’s attitude is far different from his eventual adopted son Shirou’s, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out in the anime. October can’t get here soon enough!


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