Is there anything, anything at all, that Chuck Schumer doesn’t want the Feds meddling with?

by wfgodbold

Now he wants to implement a “no-ride” policy for Amtrak (H/T Volokh Conspiracy).

First of all, you can’t wreak havoc with a train like you can with a plane (especially the terrible passenger trains Amtrak uses). The best a terrorist would be able to do is set off a bomb from inside the passenger compartment; it’s not like he’s going to be able to hijack the train and drive it into a building.

Secondly: the most vulnerable target isn’t the damn trains, it’s the track! The track is immobile, and with thousands upon thousands of miles of track, it’s impossible to watch it all. I doubt it would be difficult to find a section of rail and sabotage it so that the next train to cross it would derail. For that matter, with all of our  many bridges around, the terrorist could try to emulate the end of Bridge on the River Kwai.

Finally, if this goes into effect, Amtrak will be even less profitable than it is now, and that shouldn’t have even been possible.

I’ve ridden Amtrak a handful of times, and it’s terrible.

I know, I know. “But wait,” you say, “you spent time in Japan, and their rail system is far better than ours cause of government funding!”


Amtrak is objectively terrible. If I’d never ridden on another passenger train in my life, I’d still think it was terrible.

It’s slow. It’s expensive. You’re just as helpless at your destination as if you’d flown.

And most of the times I rode Amtrak, it was in New York (from upstate to the city and back). If I’d tried to use Amtrak anywhere else, I’d’ve been livid.


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