How magnanimous…

by wfgodbold

Our betters have deigned to allow our only slightly betters to look at the photos of the raid wherein bin Laden was killed.

For someone who claimed that we’re not going to “spike the football,” President Obama sure has been gloating about his decision to kill OBL.

Now, if a Republican had been president while OBL was killed, it would have been turned into a campaign talking point immediately, so I can’t blame Obama for doing that. But to claim that we’re not going to spike the football while talking about how he was the one to make the gutsy call to end the OBL problem is a bit disingenuous.

As far as photos being used as a propaganda tool, I’m more conflicted; radical Islamists already hate us and want to kill us (are they going to try to kill us twice?), so it’s not like it could get much worse.

The photos will come to light eventually; better for everyone that we get it out of the way now, than to let the Islamists cool off (if that’s even possible) before just inflaming them once more with the photos’ release.

On a lighter note


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