They know our true names, and now they have power over us…

by wfgodbold

The power to make us laugh, anyway.

The CSGV must have some super-sleuths employed, cause they’re doing a bang-up job ferreting out the real identities of various gun bloggers. Robb decided he’d beat them to it, just in case they weren’t up to revealing his secret identity. Barbara Scott thinks finding out who Joe Huffman really is might be too much for them).

Sebastian is willing to call a truce, but even if they accept, I don’t think they’ll stick to it for very long. Look at how long the “new civility” lasted.

And it’s not like they’ve never made threats before

I’m not sure why; are they trying to shame us into giving up, or are they hoping to intimidate us?

Either way, this smacks of desperation.


3 Responses to “They know our true names, and now they have power over us…”

  1. I confess to not at all understanding what their motivations in this little hateful crusade of theirs… We are standing up for the protection, preservation, and perpetuation of Constitutionally-protected, naturally-granted, individual, human rights – what have we to be ashamed of?

    On the flip side, these bigoted scumbags are on record as wanting to destroy a man’s family simply because he had a difference of opinion with them, so perhaps they are counting on that as leverage for the “intimidation” side of things?

    And, on the gripping hand, we might as well call this what it is: straight-up mobland-style tactics of, “Darn, it sure would be a shame if something were to happen to your families.” By posting full names, and, in my case, locational information, along with pictures, they are providing the not-so-subtle hint of, “Would no one rid me of this troublesome blogger?” while still remaining insulated from whatever actions the more-violent and more-deranged anti-rights nuts decide to take. Deniability and all that. When combined with their unending harping on the whole “collective responsibility” farce, you can count on me advocating that the CSGV be named as accessories before the fact should anything untowards happen to any of the “outed” individuals.

    • Well, we saw what leftist “advocates” were like in Wisconsin earlier in the year; they shut down the government, shouted down opposition, and were generally … unpleasant.

      I’m still dumbfounded that they went and posted all that personal information about you and Sebastian. I’d think they’d have a hard time arguing, given the particular quality of this “conversation” that they didn’t mean for anyone to act on their little hit list.

      Also, you are awarded +1 internets for your Motie reference.


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