Nice to see that Texas is lowering their Brady score a bit

by wfgodbold

The other day they voted to allow licensed concealed carry on campus. This has, of course, prompted hysterics from people who don’t know any better (H/T Sebastian (I highlighted the idiocy in a similar CNN editorial back at the start of March)). To balance that out, here’s an article in favor written by a Texan college student.

I doubt anything will come of this; every time an easing of restrictions is proposed, the anti-gunners howl that we’ll have blood in the streets. Utah has had campus carry for a few years now, and if there’s been blood in the streets, the press have decided to cover it up.

Unfortunately, my state is not so liberal; the rights of faculty, staff, and students are abridged while they’re on campus. Given my recent matriculation, this affects me more than it might have before; hopefully no whackjob will waltz right through the gun-free-zone force field (for more on gun free zones, David Kopel has an article) surrounding campus one day and decide to shoot up the law school.

Between this and their parking lot bill, they should be nearly down to zero

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