Scutum – cruel

by wfgodbold

Tales of Rebirth was one of several Tales of games not released in the US.

Fans of the series clamor for them, and yet when Namco deigns to publish an installment in the US, it lands with a thud. I don’t know if it’s a lack of marketing, or word of mouth, or what, but I think only fans of the series buy the games when they come out here, and so Namco only publishes them infrequently (of the twelve mothership titles released, eight have come to the US (And that’s counting Tales of Graces F among those that have come to the US, even though it hasn’t hit yet)).

I haven’t played Rebirth; I’ve said before that I (generally) don’t care for Inomata’s character designs, and Rebirth’s are no exception.

Fortunately, Sakuraba’s music isn’t dependent on the character designer.


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