Whatever you do…

by wfgodbold

Don’t read Lucifer’s Hammer and One Second After right in a row (or The Road, from what I’ve heard). They are not cheerful books.

That said, they are worth reading, if for no other reason that to demonstrate how well and truly screwed we are if catastrophe on that scale occurs.

They’re basically disaster books, only with the spectacle made more plausible.

And the corresponding descent into barbarism made more horrifying.

One Comment to “Whatever you do…”

  1. I would agree with you, having done precisely what you advised against. I went through a period where I read every disaster/survival/apocalypse book I could get my hands on, and boy…that wracks your brain. 🙂

    (Parallel, I’m now writing reviews on all of those books, and found your page by searching WordPress for the titles of some of my favorites.)

    If you’re interested, I’d love to have your feedback on my blog/writing/reviews. (www.respectthebeard.net)

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